The Sensational New Features And Ease Found In Google Shopping Ads

The Google Shopping Experience

When it comes to Google Shopping, it has become a lot easier to research, discover and compare products. The best possible data is available, so clients can make the correct decisions. This empowers the clients to advancements in their ROI and business. There is an AdWords check consultation available that is free, and allows individuals to get started today. There have been updates made to Google Shopping ads including a brand-new set of features designed to enhance the research, discovery and comparison of the available products. Since mobile shopping has been consistently increasing, it has led to an increase in the amount of research people are undertaking on their mobile devices prior to making any purchases. The enhancements made to Google Shopping Ads are fully explained below.

The Discovery

It is now currently possible to learn a lot more about a product than it was in the past. This can be easily accomplished with a single Google Shopping ad. You begin by simply tapping on the button that says Quick View. This is located in the Shopping carousel at the bottom of the product cards. This will display the information including a description of the product, a larger image, the rating of the seller, the reviews and whether there is currently a sale on the item. You can easily locate visually related or similar products with the information available by scrolling past the Quick View option.

The Research

There has been an upgrade made to the Knowledge Panel to allow consumers to see a lot of information when searching for a specific product. This information includes photos of the products, reviews, videos, descriptions and any additional information available.

The Advanced Search Summit-Never Stop Learning

The Advanced Search Summit is where experts in the industry share their most current tactics and successes. This is designed to help businesses advance in front of their competition.

Learning More

Google will now highlight different buying guides for searches. This allows the consumers to effectively narrow down the available selection for their purchase. This is extremely effective when the person is searching through a rather broad category as opposed to a specific product.

The Comparison

According to Google, the number of searches conducted seasonally and containing the word best have steadily increased. These types of searches have better than doubled during the last two years. This is because the searcher gains the ability to find the best product by leaving the determination to the reviews, or simply comparing the different products to determine which one best suits the requirements of the consumer by using a combination of comparison and budget. Google search enables the consumer to look at a side-by-side comparison of the prices for the products, the reviews and the specs. Google will additionally alert the consumer when a newer model has become available when the search conducted was for a model from last year. The new features available through Google Shopping are currently live, but they are also only available in search results within the United States.


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